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An Ultimate Guide to Download Instagram Stories That You Always Hunt For

Instagram is an amazingly famous video/image sharing platform with more than 500 million daily active stories users.
The ephemeral nature of Instagram stories creates a lot of issues for the users.
The stories usually vanish after one day. If you don’t save or archive them, you will not be able to see all those stories that you always hunt for.
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Guide to download Instagram stories

Accessing your own stories a bit easier

Your own stories can be accessed from your private archive. You can even prefer to display select stories in a permanent way as “highlights” on the profile page.
If you want to save your own stories to the photo library of your phone’, you need to save each video or image separately.
Another way is to download the full story as a single video.

Taking screenshots is the best way to save still images

When you follow all those above mentioned steps, you can make the process of sharing your own content with other social media networking sites.
The task becomes a bit more difficult or confusing if you want to download and save someone else’s story.
In order to save still images posted by other people and ensure constant access, you can take a screenshot.
It can be done on Android or iOS devices.
The most important thing you need to remember is that holding your thumb or finger on the screen prevents the progress of an Instagram story.
This approach ensures a clean capture by clearing away the user interface elements.

Use a top quality third party app to download Instagram stories that you always hunt for. This is the best and the most unique way to download Instagram stories.

You cannot use screenshots when it comes to downloading and saving video stories.
If you are interested in downloading and saving another person’s video, you have to make use of a third-party website.
Top quality applications make this process incredibly easy.
After downloading the app, you just need to enter Instagram username. Once it is done, you can start sharing stories with other social media platforms.
The process of downloading any story becomes a simple task.
The stories published by any user can be viewed in an anonymous way with the best third party applications.

Using Instagram stories services

Instagram story services You can easily use Instagram story services at cost effective rates.
With these services, one can easily download stories as well as view them anonymously.
Not only stories, one can even view posts as and when one likes.
There is no need of installing any app or worrying about private data.
These services are completely safe to use.

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